Gallimore Products

With over 38 years of experience in the foodservice industry, Gallimore Products has become the proud resource for one of North America’s most diverse collection of high quality Foodservice Disposable products.
Our Galligreen product line was one of the first compostable based product lines launched in North America over 17 years ago. We believe that it is important to be environmentally aware so that our future generations can benefit from the responsibilities that we are taking today to create. Earth-Friendly sustainable products. Our compostable products go through in-depth testing to ensure that they leave the least impact as possible on the planet from the day they are manufactured to the day they are disposed of.
Today our expansive line of products is comprised of over 300 items ranging from compostable products, paper straws, food bags, wooden and bamboo products, pizza boxes, paper bags, cutlery, folding carton take-out containers and boxes and disposable towels.