We deliver food sales solutions to our many customers across Canada.


How We Work

At A.S. Food Sales, we help you grow sales strategically across Canada.
We  help you succeed by offering you the right products to get results in your planned markets.

We are experts in Food Retail, Grocery, Club, Foodservice & More

We are a group of professional sales people, each of us bringing unique specialties to the table. At A.S. Food Sales, we cover key segments of the market, including retail, grocery, club stores, health & wellness, foodservice, industrial supply and HMR.

We are product storytellers

We help define the key features and benefits of your products and leverage those to celebrate your brand’s USP (unique selling proposition) to resonate with audiences.

We work in partnership with you in a variety of ways

We help represent your products and sell them into foodservice, specialty retail and industrial channels.

We advise on how best to approach the market with your products and help align messaging with current market trends.

If you’re a start-up or emerging company, we consult with you and help develop a sales strategy for the market you wish to target.

We are solution-focused | We are value-driven | We are trustworthy | We are A.S. Food Sales

Our approach to sales is solution-driven and is tailored to you. We work with you to match products based on your own unique needs and goals.

“I have always enjoyed working with chefs. I love the collaboration. Being able to recommend, source and provide food solutions that become part of their final product is a real joy.”

~ Andy Strub, President