Nom Edible Straws


Tastes like a cookie works like a straw

Snacks for your favorite beverage

Circular economy 

We barely throw things now.

Empty wine bottles now serve as water bottles and some as decorative pieces.
Cardboard boxes have turned into shoe racks.
The goal is to recycle, reuse, up-cycle.
Whatever it takes, find an alternative use-case for your trash.

Living towards Zero waste

Not living the zero-waste life, yet.  It doesn’t happen overnight.
But hey, we have made significant changes to our lifestyle.
No more plastic water bottles, no poly-bag while grocery shopping & using shampoo bars instead of bottles.
It’s a process. You are awesome for making the effort to do so.

We Have One Planet.

Let’s Love It

That’s an understatement. Everything you do has a direct implication on our Planet. Everything from eating meat to driving your car to throwing away your food.
We have started consuming less meat, using public transport and sharing the food in the community instead of throwing away. Try it for once, it will make you happy.